Corrections Course

Let's improve, not punish

About the course

It’s an asynchronous online course to master the skill of giving feedback which will enhance but not prevent learning.


1) Feedback aims and types;

2) Correction (when, what, how to correct);

3) A variety of practical correction techniques;

4) Correction codes for feedback on writing;

5) Mistakes vs. Errors


How it works

After your payment on this website is confirmed, you'll get an access code and a direct link to the course. Access the course 24/7 via the free Google Classroom Apps (for iOS or Android) or you can use the web interface on any device as well. No previous experience of Google Classroom required. To simplify access to the class, use your personal Google account or create a new one in seconds. It’s helpful to use the same account for purchasing the course.
It's generally recommended to allocate about 20 minutes a day throughout 4 days to complete this course. While waiting for the course to start, it’s also a good idea to find out more about the learning strategies employed in this course:
Every day of the course you’ll deal with practical tasks and questions guiding you to discover the most effective correction strategies for yourself. No dull theory here - only real cases and what you can use the next day in the lesson!

I'm inviting you

Everyone involved in teaching English.

No matter how much working experience you have.

Without special training like this (or the original full CELTA or TESOL)  it’s impossible to avoid all mistakes when giving feedback:

many of them stem from our own educational background and faulty ways WE were taught back at school.

And no, your school teacher can’t have known about all of the CELTA tricks. Yes, pretty sure.



I’m a CELTA and DELTA-qualified teacher trainer with focus on mindfulness and well-being. So, I know how to take your teaching to international level without too much stress


CELTA and TESOL courses are famous for their overwhelming amount of information in a very short time period. But our brain doesn’t work this way – we can’t focus on improving everything at once. Perhaps, that’s why Cambridge recommends spending 1-2 years after CELTA to introduce the practices into your teaching. On this course we take one step at a time and make it really stick! Click on the heart icon to know more


We use perhaps the most comfortable Google Classroom platform available on all devices at any time. It is simple to use and allows you to study at your own time and pace while helping to control the workload – only 20 minutes a day. Not that much for one of the most powerful changes in teaching career, right?


CELTA skills

We train only with tasks recommended for international teacher training courses like CELTA. Thus, you can be sure to acquire most effective skills to teach communicatively, joining thousands of professionals around the world


We practice mindfulness, an easy secular technique of paying attention to the present moment. It increases effectiveness of the course by boosting concentration while reducing stress, fatigue and burnout levels


Video tasks help you to see the best correction and feedback techniques in action. By the end of the course, you’ll have practised all of them yourself and be able to use them naturally and confidently in your lessons at appropriate times, too!


My story

I’m a CELTA- and DELTA-qualified teacher and teacher trainer. Today I help other teachers to become more effective by implementing communicative methods.

Anyway, once upon a time… I was a student myself! I still remember what it feels like when you want to share something deeply personal and you get stopped and corrected on the spot (“for your own sake!’). It’s sad to think about that…

It’s even sadder to admit that everyday in my teaching practice I help far too many new students to recover from such ‘treatment’ and overcome their fear of speaking, instilled by other teachers keen on overcorrection.

 At the same time, I am proud that my own students do not seem to be afraid of speaking at all and actually benefit from feedback.

‘I help far too many new students to … overcome their fear of speaking’

Access the demo of the course 24/7 via the free Google Classroom Apps (for iOS or Android)  or you use the web interface:




Great for self-study

all tasks on the course
personal feedback on your answers
support chat with colleagues
final assessment and checklist
certificate on completion
CELTA-style feedback on your videoed lesson


Great for reflection

all tasks on the course
personal feedback on your answers
support chat with colleagues
final assessment and checklist
certificate on completion
CELTA-style feedback on your videoed lesson


Thanks for the challenge and the session.
a TESOL trainee
5 June, 2020
You have gone above and beuond this course to support the trainees. Thank you for getting over the hurdles, having faith in trainees' abilities, and having skills to get the trainees where they need to go.
Vancouver TESOL Training Centre
6 June, 2020
Tnx a bunch, dear Seva! It's so fruitful!
a TESOL trainee
6 June, 2020
I liked the videos and the tips!
20 November, 2020
I particularly liked the finger corrections and abbreviations for mistakes
09 November, 2020


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