handling difficult emotions better

Vsevolod Ardov

(F)ACT, MI, CFT and EFT therapist
with international qualifications

My story

I used to fantasise about being a therapist in my adolescence but I never had the guts to admit it, not to say to apply for a studying programme. I wouldn’t see such people around, that was not a usual thing in my circle and… all of these cool dream jobs were meant for others, not for me, right? 

Only later did I get to know ACT ideas about life aligned with your values and how to handle all of these difficult thoughts and feelings that arise.

Yes, my brain still says “it’s so complicated and scary for you” at times – but it’s OK. Now I have the skills to UNhook from these stories.



I help with...

Anxiety and fears

When it’s really scary to do or not to do something, plus eating disorders

Depression and low mood

When you don’t feel like getting up in the morning and have lost interest in your favourite activities

Burnout and stress

When holidays and job change don’t help anymore


When you don’t feel like doing what had to be done yesterday

Loss and grief

When life hits hard

Sexual orientation issues

When it’s difficult to be with yourself, others or the world

New directions

When it’s difficult to choose a future direction and company


When past experiences of traumatic events influence your life now


When you feel it’s probably time to reassess and change your relationships with substances


When you face miscommunication, misunderstanding or other problems


I know many people wonder how many sessions are needed to deal with their issue. This is very reasonable. Unfortunately, nobody actually know how easy or difficult it will be for you to take up new skills from therapy and implement them in your life. Yes, some therapies do have protocols, but still there can be a lot of variation in the number of sessions or otherwise this would lead to being blind to your actual needs.
What I can guarantee for sure is that if you don’t try therapy,  it is highly unlikely to get better on its own.
On the final note, according to the statistics, some therapies are possible to take about 12-20 sessions.
Some more facts from K. Strosahl (Howard, Kopta, Krause, & Orlinsky, 1986):
  • 15% clients start feeling better when they decide to reach for help, even before the first session (unexpected, right?);
  • 50% of all benefits from therapy are received by the eighth session, then the progress may become slower.
Вообще да. Иногда 30 минут достаточно для кардинальных изменений,а иногда нужен повторный визит для дополнительной прокачки навыков или редактирования плана.
Важные факты от К. Строзаля:
FACT – единственная краткосрочная терапия, которая была изучена с контрольными группами – а это золотой стандарт в доказательной науке (Strosahl, Hayes, Bergan, & Romano, 1998);
По сравнению с ОРКТ (Ориентированной на решение краткосрочной терапией), терапевты FACT достигают тех же результатов примерно за 4 сессии, но с бóльшим уровнем удовлетворенности у клиентов, с значительно меньшим количеством бросивших терапию или направленных далее к психиатрам (SFBT; de Shazer, 1985).



40€ / 35 min

60€ / 50 min


60€ / 80-90 min

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