Getting feedback is important not only for students but for teachers, too. 

We can use pre-designed feedback forms for our students, observe their reactions or talk to them. Sometimes,  students’ parents may mention something that will help us adjust our teaching. We can also record our lessons and reflect on the videos. Another idea is to ask a colleague to observe a lesson. 

We must admit though that it might be really difficult to evaluate lessons, taking all the criteria into consideration and without being biased. Interpretation of the feedback and creating a road map for future professional development isn’t much easier either.

Why don’t you invite a trainer who has been specially-trained to help?

The way we work:

You Really Decide to Improve
I mean it. 'You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink', right?
I guide you through the lesson planning and you prepare a lesson on any skill or system for any number and level of students, depending on what you want to improve
You invite me to your lesson or send me its video recording, so I prepare feedback
raising awareness
You prepare your self-evaluation and share your impressions of the lesson
raising awareness
We compare our observations and discuss your lesson. Then, you get written feedback and we build or adjust your training trajectory
You may like to do some follow-up reading and training to build confidence in particular areas. Also, you could work on the feedback and improve teaching in your next lesson

You get

guidance in lesson planning

leading to its better understanding and prevention of most classrooms problems

an independent pro overview

of your strengths and areas to improve;

a formal written feedback

based on some or all of the criteria for CELTA lessons (their amount can vary on demand, for example, you may prefer to focus on classroom management only);

personal recommendations

on future professional development. They may include reading, online and offline courses or tasks to do



Send me a video of your online lesson and get free feedback!* 


Video length: up to 45 min

Deadline for applications: 15th September, 2019

Who: first 5 teachers to apply. Only participants of Upgrade Your Online Teaching course are allowed

It is not a public offer.

By contacting us and sending your video, you agree to the collection and use of your personal data in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Also, don’t forget to ask your students before you record them.

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