Teachers Speak

A space for teachers to socialise in English

About the project

It’s an online speaking club in the comfort of your own home.

We have informal Zoom talks about life

and practise Authentic Relating games to build rich and nurturing connections

How it works

You join the Telegram chat (see the link below).
1 hour before every meeting, you get a link to join the video conference. You can do it from your browser but perhaps it’s more convenient to download a Zoom app, if you haven’t already
You access the Zoom conference and we have fun together!

We're inviting you

Every teacher interested in practising English speaking in a safe and supporting environment



I’m a Cambridge-qualified English teacher trainer with focus on authentic relating and mindfulness. I’m also a (F)ACT therapist.
I know how to make you feel comfortable


Come and join whenever you want.
No pressure of subscriptions or homework. No recordings either – it’s a safe and private conversation


We host 50-minute Zoom talks every Tuesday at 19:30 (GMT+3). Not too long. Not too often

You get

Socializing with colleagues

from different contexts with their unique experience, discussing what matters. We prompt talks with Authentic Relating games - they're incredibly powerful for building warm conversations

Speaking skills

There are no strict teachers correcting your every mistake. Just enjoy the flow - and you'll see how beneficial this is for your speaking fluency
(and how different to what you had at uni)


We practice mindfulness, an easy secular technique to slow down and improve presence, well-being and your relationships with self, others and the world


My story

I remember when I first took part in an authentic relating game – in the middle of the pandemic. That felt like whoaaa I’ve never felt so close to and connected with a stranger for ages! It was like having a new best friend… 

Then I noticed that these games help me a lot with being open to others and sharing, not just listening to others as I used to. I truly felt being heard and appreciated for what I am. And that felt sooo good. For me that was a self-worth boost.

Later I found out that AR has a lot in common with mindfulness and creating safe environment in different therapies, thus having some scientific ground, not just the empirical one

‘I’ve never felt so connected… truly being heard and appreciated for what I am.’


100₽ until May.
Later: 500 rub/person for each session


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