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My story

In 2016 I quit my job as an English teacher in a downtown school in Moscow. Back then, I couldn’t explain why but I felt that what I was required to do there was wrong.

Since then I’ve become a CELTA- and DELTA-qualified teacher and teacher trainer. Now I know why I had that feeling: use of dated and ineffective methodology has never been pleasant.

Today I help other teachers to become more effective by implementing communicative methods.
I’ve been also qualified as an (F)ACT therapist and mindfulness instructor. And so I’m currently developing ways to enrich ELT from this standpoint.

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My Qualifications

It’s an English language teaching qualification that gives you the essential knowledge, observed teaching practice and ability to work in a variety of contexts.

This course taught me perhaps the most important teaching skills. It’s a pity that not every teacher has this opportunity. As a private teacher trainer, I contribute to making the knowledge accessible for everyone.

Read more about CELTA on CambridgeEnglish.org

The course by IH covers essential tasks of the jobs and develops necessary skills and competences for:

  • interviewing
  • teacher training sessions
  • observing lessons and giving feedback
  • assessment and paperwork
  • communication and motivation

It deepens your knowledge and understanding of English language teaching, learning and assessment.

Preparation for Module One helped me to underpin my practical skills from CELTA.

Read more about DELTA on CambridgeEnglish.org

Bachelor’s degree (with honours) in Theory and methods of teaching foreign languages and cultures. Awarded by Moscow Region State University.

First, I got a qualification in Psychology and Teaching Psychology, which allows for both counselling work and teaching.

Second, I’ve studied both Focused and regular Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and CFT.

Third, I’ve covered a variety of international programmes on mindfulness.


Impeccable Instructions


What People say


xenia Lyubskaya

PhD, chief methodologist
at China Campus Network

The demo lesson was so exciting! Our teachers were amazed by his grammar and vocabulary lesson to zero beginners without using their mother tongue.

75% of the teachers ranked his lesson as the most memorable part of our professional development course”

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Olga Alekseeva

DoS at Anglo Planet

“A trainer you always want to return to. Easy to deal with, very tactful, able to teach difficult things clearly”

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Yakov Druzhkov

PG, RUDN University tutor

“You can’t even imagine how helpful these input sessions are to me”


julia Ilizirova

CELTA trainee, teacher

“You are a great teacher trainer. I’m not talking only about your experience or skills, but also about your personal qualities, about how open you are and how you can talk to people”


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