Impeccable Instructions

Impeccable Instructions

Help your students to learn

About the course

It’s an asynchronous online course to master the skill of giving clear instructions which will help but not prevent learning.

I started the course because I’ve seen far too many creative activities spoiled with faulty instructions. If students don’t understand what to do, they unavoidably fail, even if the problem is not in the lack of their language skills, right?

How it works

After your payment on this website is confirmed, you'll get an access code to the course. Access the course 24/7 via the free Google Classroom Apps (for iOS or Android) or you can use the web interface on any device as well. No previous experience of Google Classroom required. To simplify access to the class, use your personal Google account or create a new one in seconds. It’s helpful to use the same account for purchasing the course.
The course will take you not more than 15 minutes a day throughout 1 week. So, allocate some time for studying and taking your teaching to a new level. While waiting for the course to start, you're welcome to take part in the free Gentle Marathon on Classroom Management - don't forget to invite colleagues! It’s also a good idea to find out more about the learning strategies employed in this course:
Every day of the course you’ll watch around three faulty instructions and correct them, making a conclusion about what an impeccable instruction should be like. After the first week, you’ll have some time to complete your mini-assignments (about 30 minutes in total): prepare your own impeccable instructions for tasks, which you can later use in your teaching!

I'm inviting you

Everyone involved in teaching English.

No matter how much working experience you have.

Without special training like this it’s impossible to avoid all mistakes when giving instructions: many of them are a part of our
natural ways of speaking and go unnoticed



I’m a CELTA and DELTA-qualified teacher trainer with focus on mindfulness and well-being. So, I know how to take your teaching to international level without too much stress


CELTA and TESOL courses are famous for their overwhelming amount of information in a very short time period. But our brain doesn’t work this way – we can’t focus on improving everything at once. Perhaps, that’s why Cambridge recommends spending 1-2 years after CELTA to introduce the practices into your teaching. On this course we take one step at a time and make it really stick! Click on the heart icon to know more 😉


We use perhaps the most comfortable Google Classroom platform available on all devices at any time. It is simple to use and allows you to study at your own time and pace while helping to control the workload – only 15 minutes a day. Not that much for such a great change, yes?


CELTA skills

We train only with tasks recommended for international teacher training courses like CELTA. Thus, you can be sure to acquire most effective skills to teach communicatively, joining thousands of professionals around the world


We practice mindfulness, an easy secular technique of paying attention to the present moment. It increases effectiveness of the course by reducing stress, fatigue and burnout levels


Each task on the course stimulates you to have a go and create your own instructions, free from common mistakes shown in my videos. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to do it fast and confidently in your lessons, too!


My story

I’m a CELTA- and DELTA-qualified teacher and teacher trainer. Today I help other teachers to become more effective by implementing communicative methods. This hasn’t always been so and I have my own story where effective instructions play an important role.

During my own CELTA course and then later while working as a teacher trainer I found out that giving effective instructions is one of the most challenging skills for teachers to acquire. At the same time it’s a crucial skill as it can change your lessons completely. I want to help you boost your instructions with these 21 tips and you’ll see: your students have never been so responsive!


‘It’s a crucial skill that can change your lessons completely’

Access the demo of  the course 24/7 via the free Google Classroom Apps (for iOS or Android)  or you  use the web interface. Watch the instructions.


Impeccable Instructions course starts
This will be our FOURTH launch of the course! Now it's even more brain-friendly and comfortable
Reflection time
By this time, all of the tasks will have been published and (hopefully) completed. You'll have 1 more week to complete your assignments and create your own impeccable instructions
Assignment time
By this time, your practical assignments are to be completed (they usually take about 1 hour)


I particularly liked the choice of short video instructions. Mindfulness meditation was pretty unexpected and did me a lot of good in the middle of the course. I also liked the quick and thought-provoking feedback
Natallia R.
9 May, 2020
I liked your videos, getting familiar with bad instructions. My expectations were met by the course
Anastasia M.
May 23, 2020
The structure of the course was very logical.The tasks were interesting and thought- provoking.The feedback was instant and useful. I particularly liked the quality of videos and mindfulness practice.
Zhenya K.
19 May, 2020



Great for self-study


After 02.02.2021 - 1200 rub

all tasks on the course
personal feedback on answers
Gentle Support chat with colleagues
final assessment and checklist
certificate on completion
CELTA-style feedback on your videoed lesson


Great for reflection


After 02.02.2021 - 3000 rub

all tasks on the course
personal feedback on answers
Gentle Support chat with colleagues
final assessment and checklist
certificate on completion
CELTA-style feedback on your videoed lesson


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