Input Sessions

Input sessions are a part of teacher training cycle, aimed directly at acquiring new knowledge and skills. They may follow or precede observation & feedback. These sessions are completely different from those boring university lectures on methodology. This does not mean avoiding theory, but only that the inputs are grounded in engaging interaction and classroom practice.

This is feasible because for my input sessions I use internationally-recognised materials for CELTA. The basic idea behind them is that learning should be driven by personal experience and reflection. So, let’s we try the things out!

Input sessions are suitable for:

Don’t worry if you have little or no teaching experience – you can share your impressions as a student, which may sometimes be even more helpful.

If you have already taught for a while, I bet you have even more questions.

Some of the most popular are:

– Why do students answer ‘I don’t know’ to a lot of your questions? 

– Why don’t students listen to you or their peers?

– What’s the right staging of the lesson and appropriate timing for each stage?

– Can you use students’ mother tongues? And when explaining grammar? And with very beginners?

– How much grammar is enough?

– How can you make students follow your instructions and stop messing your games?

We will address these and a hundred more questions together!

If you feel like you need help with understanding and implementing any of the CELTA topics, that’s completely fine. We can’t be equally great at everything.  I’m here to help.

The way we work:

You Really Decide to Improve
I mean it. 'You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink', right?
Choose a Session
You choose an area to improve from the list below. The series of major inputs is the best choice when you want to get the whole picture of the communicative approach and make sure you won’t miss anything important
Choose a Mode
You can train via video conferencing or offline, individually or in a group. Studying in a group is now possible only when such a group is organised by you or your school
Be Active
We have a session. It usually lasts up to 90 min. We have a short 5-minute break in the middle
You get access to my LMS with notes and tasks for reflection and further professional development on the topic


  1. Classroom management (incl. Giving instructions and 15 Common Mistakes) & Focus on the learner
  2. Teaching listening and reading
  3. Teaching speaking and oral fluency: about skills, activities and common problems (double session)
  4. Teaching writing
  5. Teaching grammar. Overview and staging: Text-based presentation / Context-build presentation / Test-Teach-Test. Practice in teaching grammar: ways to convey meaning and check understanding (double session)
  6. Teaching vocabulary
  7. Feedback and error correction techniques
  8. Lesson planning
  9. Phonology
  10. Task-Based Language Teaching
  11. Review of methods and course books

You get

experience and practice

of the techniques as a student and as a teacher


into solving most common problems in the classroom

quality CELTA materials

to make sure you're equipped to teach communicatively


in your classroom


  • Individual input
    3500 ₽
    ~90 min. We study and communicate online via Skype/Zoom, my LMS and messengers. Offline classes - on demand
  • Group input
    1800 ₽/person
    ~90 min. We study and communicate online via Skype/Zoom, my LMS and messengers. Groups of 4-12 trainees Offline classes - on demand

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