Impeccable Instructions – 4th

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Impeccable Instructions – 4th


An asynchronous online course to master the skill of giving clear instructions which will help but not prevent learning. Based on materials for internationally recognised teacher training course CELTA but served with gentleness and care to increase effectiveness.


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During my own CELTA course and then later while working as a teacher trainer I found out that giving effective instructions is one of the most challenging skills for teachers to acquire. At the same time it’s a crucial skill as it can change your lessons completely. I want to help you boost your instructions with these 21 tips and you’ll see: your students have never been so responsive!


This course is for you if:

  • students say, “Yes, we understand!”, but then mess your nicest tasks up;
  • you have to spend too much time on giving and repeating instructions, because they just don’t get it;
  • you’re going online now and you’re afraid of losing control over your students;
  • you’re preparing for CELTA and want to improve the most challenging part right now;
  • you have a sore throat at the end of the day.

Visit the main page of the course.

Important to know:

The course is based on CELTA materials used world-wide – the quality of content is secured.

The course is evaluated via completed tasks – your answers can be seen only by me, so you can study in privacy and comfort.

Anyway, if you want to chat with colleagues and me, you’ll be able to join our Gentle Support chat on Telegram (included in the Gold Package)

The course consists of real video-recorded instructions to analyse and draw conclusions – and is available for 4 weeks.

Access the course 24/7 via the free Google Classroom Apps (for iOS or Android)  or you can use the web interface on any device as well. No previous experience of Google Classroom required. To simplify access to the class, use your personal  Google account or create a new one in seconds. It’s helpful to use the same account for purchasing the course.

The course may take you about 1-2 hours – not too long for such a great change that you may experience.

One more thing: it’s just simple and nice – you’ll love it.

My story

I’m a CELTA- and DELTA-qualified teacher and teacher trainer. Today I help other teachers to become more effective by implementing communicative methods. This hasn’t always been so and I have my own story where effective instructions play an important role. You can watch it here or access it in the free demo course.

Free demo

Access the demo of  the course 24/7 via the free Google Classroom Apps (for iOS or Android)  or you can use the web interface on any device as well:


A no-questions-asked money-back guarantee

Let me know if you aren’t satisfied with the course within first 24 hours, and I’ll immediately press “refund” button. I mean it, no questions asked unless you want to leave feedback.


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