Teachers Speak

Teachers Speak

A space for teachers to socialise and thrive

About the project

It’s a virtual teachers’ room. 

To make up for not meeting colleagues in person,

 we have informal Zoom talks about life (but  mindfully staying on the positive side!) and teaching cases


How it works

You purchase the access. Don’t forget to write your correct email - we'll need it to send you the link to join
5 minutes before every meeting, you get a link to join the video conference. You can do it from your browser but perhaps it’s more convenient to download a Zoom, if you haven’t already.
You access the conference and we have fun together!

We're inviting you

Everyone involved in teaching English. No matter how long you’ve been teaching online. No matter how much working experience you have: we discuss our cases as equals, we reflect on CELTA questions as equals. If you have more experience – you’re welcome to share it gently, if you’re just starting – you’re welcome to employ your logic and thinking skills and help us, too. Methodology is not rocket science, it’s awesomely logical



I’m a CELTA and DELTA-qualified teacher trainer with focus on mindfulness and wellbeing. I know how to take your teaching to a new level without too much stress


We have no buzzing Whatsapp chat, only a supporting Zoom conversation. No recordings – it’s a safe and private conversation


We host 1-hour Zoom talks every Saturday at 19:00 (GMT+3). Not too long. Not too often

You get

Socializing in English

With understanding colleagues from different contexts with their unique experience and expertise. As equals

CELTA skills

We discuss our cases as well as typical problems that teachers encounter and approach them from a communicative perspective. To help the discussion, we take real CELTA tasks recommended for teacher training worldwide


We practice mindfulness, an easy secular technique to improve concentration, wellbeing and health. It helps to avoid burnout by increasing job satisfaction in any workplace, deeper connections with colleagues, feeling less stressed and more grateful


My story

Now I’m a freelancer working from home a lot. But in the past I worked in big teams and I know what it feels like when you’ve got used to do and discuss something with your colleagues, you’ve helped others and been helped out yourself and then suddenly you are at home on your own. First, it feels like a miracle: wow, nobody to disturb you, then you start missing that support and those occasional talks in the staff room or cafeteria 🙂
But we can do something about it, right?


I’m against social isolation. Let’s stay connected, practice mindfulness and thrive together!



19:00 GMT+3
19:00 GMT+3
19:00 GMT+3
WINE EVENING with focus on classroom management and immediate stress reduction - just what you need whenever something goes wrong. Prepare your stories, grab some wine and join us at 19:00
WINE EVENING with focus on challenges with speaking development and coping with negative emotions as a teacher - we have to hide a lot of them in the classroom, right? Prepare your stories, grab some wine and join us at 19:00
WINE EVENING with focus on the most effective correction techniques and cultivating self-compassion to AVOID BURNOUT. Prepare your stories, grab some wine and join us at 19:00

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