and EFT therapist
with international qualifications

Seva Ardov

(F)ACT, MI, CBT, UP, CFT and EFT therapist
with international qualifications

About me

I used to fantasise about being a therapist in my adolescence but I never had the guts to admit it, not to say to apply for a studying programme. I wouldn’t see such people around, that was not a usual thing in my circle and… all of these cool dream jobs were meant for others, not for me, right?
Only later did I get to know ACT ideas about life aligned with your values and how to handle all of these difficult thoughts and feelings that arise.
Yes, my brain still says “it’s so complicated and scary for you” at times – but it’s OK. Now I have the skills to UNhook from these stories

How I can help


The most active format where I don’t know the right answers, but I help you find them within yourself by listening and stimulating your thinking with my questions. Suitable when you generally cope with life quite well but there are some things to fix here and there - and not only about work

Behavioural therapies

Using most modern evidence based methods, we learn to handle difficult emotions and conditions so that they do not interfere with living a full and meaningful life according to your values. Suitable for everything, including if there is a referral from a psychiatrist

Emotionally focused therapy

If there are recurring patterns and conflicts in a relationship, feelings of loneliness or misunderstanding, with the help of EFT - in a couple or individually - we restore secure attachment and regain warmth, trust and security to your relationship as well as stability to yourself

Am I for you?

  • I can help with:
    • depression and low mood;
    • new directions and life changes;
    • sleeping problems;
    • burnout and stress;
    • self-criticism;
    • "laziness" and procrastination;
    • perfectionism;
    • suicidality and self-harm;
    • grief and loss of people, places and states;
    • anxiety and fears;
    • obsessive thoughts and OCD;
    • tics;
    • healthy eating habits and body image;
    • T-/trauma;
    • sexual orientation issues;
    • relationships with self and others.
  • I can't help with:
    • personality disorders;
    • ADHD skills training;
    • schizophrenia;
    • anorexia nervosa;
    • continuing violence and/or stalking;
    • diagnosed psychosis;
    • organic brain syndrome
can be paid for in roubles, euros or dollars
40€ / 35 min
60€ / 50 min
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60€ / 60-80 min
(EFT therapy)
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Book a session
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If you need urgent help, contact your local mental health service
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